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This is our journey towards a carbon neutral world

Carbon neutral is to achieve a zero balance in CO₂ emissions.

Achieving this requires transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

We help companies globally make this transition a reality.

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Our strategy is based on 5 fundamental pillars

Greening Combustion
Greening Combustion technology

The combination of our advanced oxy-combustion technology with hydrogen allows industries to reduce fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, improving CO₂ capture.

Hydrogen Solutions
Hydrogen Solutions Technology

We facilitate access to the right solutions to produce green and low-carbon hydrogen in a sustainable way, using the right balance of technology, available feedstocks and renewable energy.

CO₂ Capture
Carbon Dioxide Capture Technology

Using the most suitable CO₂ recovery technology we allow our customers to reuse CO₂ in different production processes, or in other areas of the industry after purification.

Circular Economy
Circular Economy Application

Recovered CO₂, scrap, waste heat, sludge produced by WWT plants and industrial, agricultural and urban waste can be used together with the right technology to make production processes more sustainable.

Digitalisation to better provide solutions

Our wide range of gases, equipment and services for the electronics industry drives digitalisation as a lever for a circular business model, towards a more sustainable future.

With a combination of 4 ground-breaking technologies

We create solutions for the following markets