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Long-term agreement on green CO₂
Nippon Gases Norway AS, part of Nippon Gases, the European company of NSHD, and RENEVO AS have signed a long-term agreement on bio-based CO₂ from RENEVO's new facility at Stord

Nippon Gases Norway AS and RENEVO AS signed a long-term agreement on bio-based CO2 from RENEVO's new facility at Stord. Under the agreement, Nippon Gases extracts the CO2 produced at RENEVO.

BioCO2 is climate neutral CO2 captured from biological material, from the established cycle. Carbon capture is part of biogas production, which is based on the raw materials manure and fish waste. BioCO2 from RENEVO is a component of produced raw biogas, and RENEVO will insulate, purify and liquefy make CO2 as part of biogas production.

“Liquid bioCO2 is a unique product in Norway, and a good climate measure. Users of CO2 in Western Norway can through this agreement gain access to a locally sourced and environmentally friendly product,” says General Manager Jan Kåre Pedersen.

"Nippon Gases has a strong commitment to sustainability and our annual Sustainability Report sets out a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the period 2019-2029 by 35%. Therefore, it is important to choose partners and invest in projects that contribute to reducing emissions and the green shift," says Lars Borgli, Managing Director of Nippon Gases Norway.

Nippon Gases is Norway's largest supplier of CO2 for commercial use and has customers in several areas; among other things, cooling, water treatment, dry ice, carbonated beverages.

About Renevo

RENEVO AS is a company that will produce liquefied biogas for the transport market (LBG), biofertilizer and bio-CO2. The company currently supplies LNG for use in households, public buildings and businesses via its own local pipe network in its home municipality and is working on a transition to green energy. RENEVO is headquartered at Stord in Vestlandsfylke and has an ambitious goal of building ten biogas production facilities along the coast in the coming years. Our production facilities will combine state-of-the-art process and digital technology and represent the most advanced and sustainable in the production of these products.

Read more: ww.renevo.no/om-oss